World Leaders on Progress
It is the responsibility of national governments and of international institutions to improve the supply of accountability. READ MORE
We need more women in politics, more women in business, more women participating in social organizations, and more women in the labour force. READ MORE
We must do more to stop these preventable deaths, which affect not only mothers and families but entire societies. READ MORE
Women are now asking not only that power-holders answer to women, but that what they answer for gender equality, from now on. READ MORE
Durable peace cannot be built on injustice. Justice for women is at long last emerging from the shadow of history to take its rightful place at the heart of the international rule of law. READ MORE
Accountability to women is the key to building a nation based not on violence but on peace and security, development and human rights. READ MORE
With participation and commitment we are advancing towards women's increased economic autonomy, the implementation of their rights and, the fight against gender-based violence. READ MORE
I am determined that my administration will continue to respond to the needs of women. READ MORE
Women have always drawn on the power of collective action to change the world. READ MORE
Who is accountable to women? Everyone in my government is. READ MORE