Contacts & Credits
The production of Progress of the World's Women 2008/2009 was a collective effort, and we owe sincere thanks to the many people who participated and contributed in so many ways. All of UNIFEM's staff contributed in some way, offering written contributions, comments, ideas, support to the production process, or simply inspiration drawn from their committed work in the field. We thank everyone who has been involved in this volume of Progress, and we wish to note in particular the following contributions.

For more information about Progress of the World's Women 2008/2009:
Who Answers to Women?
Béatrice Frey

Publication Design & Printing:

Multimedia Version:
Project Manager: Jan Mun
Creative Director: Ka Pang, VolumeSquared
Designer: Claudia Sandoval, ArtPlugsDesign Studio
Developer: Ignite Global Development
Video/Audio Editor: Ryan Bajornas