Gender Justice Workshop for South Sudan

Event Type: Course or Workshop

Date: 12.02.07 – 14.02.07

Location: Sudan – Southern Sudan Hotel, Juba


The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) supported the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) in holding the Gender Justice workshop for South Sudan on 12-14 February 2007. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs, Peace Commission, and the office of the Presidential Advisor for Gender and Human Rights, through financial funding from the Government of Sweden. It was held at Southern Sudan Hotel, in Juba.

UNIFEM has been at the forefront of mobilizing and facilitating the inclusion of Sudanese women into the macro and national development processes in Sudan. UNIFEM's efforts in the area of gender justice are part of Sudan's overarching peace and reconstruction plans. For years before the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, UNIFEM had supported the Sudanese women's organizations in their efforts towards community peace building and advocacy for gender and women's rights during the peace negotiations.

The overall objective of the gender justice workshop was to familiarize the participants with the concept of gender justice in the context of Southern Sudan as well as create a space for women and men to discuss openly the most pressing gender justice issues, including the range of obstacles to gender justice facing women in Sudan. Specific objectives were to agree on a definition for gender justice in the context of Southern Sudan; to identify gaps and challenges hindering the promotion of gender justice within the Southern Sudanese justice system; and to map out the priority areas of concern in, as well as approaches to, incorporating gender concerns into justice in Southern Sudan.

Gender justice can be described as the sum total of endeavors and outcomes predicated to derive maximum benefit of the law and legal processes in improving the legal, social economic and political status of women in order to achieve equity and fairness relative to men.

Welcoming statements were made by Hon. Ms. Mary Kiden, Minister for Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs; Hon. Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth, Minister for Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development; Hon. Awut Deng, Presidential Advisor for Gender and Human Rights; and Ms. Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda, UNIFEM Regional Programme Director for East and Horn of Africa. The workshop was also graced by Minister of Foreign Affairs visiting from Sweden. Participation was drawn from the Ministries, Parliamentarian committees, civil society groups (human rights and justice advocacy groups), UN agencies and donor representatives.

Sponsored by: UNIFEM with financial assistance from SIDA (Sweden).

Ms. Lucie Luguga, Programme Manager, UNIFEM South Sudan Office

Tel: +249 256 477-3369