Not a Minute More: Ending Violence Against Women

Not a Minute More: Ending Violence Against Women

There must be no impunity for gender-based violence. Let me be clear. What we are talking about is not a side issue. It is not a special interest group of concern to only a few. What we are talking about are not only women's rights but also the human rights of over one half of this globe's population. Violence against women concerns not only women, but above all the rest of us.
—Sergio Vieira de Mello, April 2003

Throughout the world, one in three women will experience violence in their lifetime, such as beating, rape, or assault. Consequently, violence against women has become as much a pandemic as HIV/AIDS or malaria. But it continues to be downplayed by the general public and by policymakers who fail to create and fund programmes to eradicate it.

Yet there is hope. The achievements over the last few decades of women and men around the world who have worked to combat violence against women and promote women's empowerment are monumental. In a relatively short time, women and their advocates have transformed the way gender-based violence is understood, and have promoted international documents and treaties that recognize, for the first time, women's right to live free of violence. Many organizations and activists have collaborated to arrive at this new level of action and commitment.

"Not a Minute More" surveys gender-based violence from various nations around the world. Expert consultants conducted regional analyses of violence against women and produced this unique publication that provides an in-depth picture of the various forms of violence experienced by women.

The report highlights, country by country, many of the recent achievements and indicates what must continue to build on them. Additionally, it provides examples of good practices as well as efforts that did not meet the goals - and explores the reasons why. Lastly, "Not a Minute More" provides tools, case studies and inspiration that will allow readers to understand the challenges that lie ahead and what the most fruitful next steps might be.

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UN Women Office Involved in Publication: UN Women Headquarters
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