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The Taliban Don't Burn Schools?

July 14, 2007 | Mursal new window

The Taliban have reappeared over the past three years. In the first they had few activities. After a little while they deployed their activities in the huge southern areas, and carried out guerrilla and pitched-battle operations. One part that has inflicted lots of casualties is education.

It is believed that the Taliban have burned 250 schools in this period, and/or some schools have closed because of their presence in the area, therefore today more than 75,000 children of Afghanistan are unable to go to school.

The Taliban beheaded several teachers in Helmand province and have killed 56 people working in the education sector. All know how was the Taliban behaved with the schools in their era. The Taliban in that time called schools “madrassas”, students “talibs” and the teacher “ustad.” Today also the Afghan education department have accused the Taliban of burning schools and the people also have the same opinion.

It is confusing when several girls and teachers who were killed in one of the schools of Lowgar province and 6 others were wounded including a teacher that the Taliban immediately rejected that they didn’t do it. They expressed their dissatisfaction [with the action].

Afterwards, when a school is burnt, they condemn it as well and don’t take responsibility for that. All over, the Taliban announced that they are going to start schools at a cost of one million dollars in the areas under their control.

However, this has been rejected by Afghan officials. Also the Taliban didn’t take responsibility for the kidnap of several mine clearance workers and one German national and one another. They announced that they are not involved in this case. There are many questions in this regard. If the Taliban are not involved in such actions in the areas under their control, then who are these armed groups that carry out activities outside the framework of the Taliban and government and organize such important issues!!

Also, regarding the murder of the girls in Lowgar province, that was organized by the Mullah of the village. After the Mullah announced this, the motorcycle riders carried out the aforementioned action were arrested. However, it isn’t clear where these people were transferred [after they were arrested] and what the result of the investigation was in order that our people know what groups are against education in addition to the Taliban.

If the Taliban want to be a group accepted by the people, then they should prevent the burning schools and killing, and should welcome whatever will benefit our country.




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